Now available – a richly illustrated full-color book about a new asset class – the Arcetri Piazza. The Arcetri Piazza will be an ambassador for Italian living, just around the corner, updated for every wellness modality and supercharged by design that resonates with the human experience.

Being Together

The Rebirth of the Piazza

By Barry B. Scherr

The rebirth of the piazza for the modern world is long overdue. Everyone is searching for a new experience, a new place to meet and be together.

Imagine walking through life again as we once did. The memory of that feeling still lives: the Italian Renaissance piazza is still there to see and experience.

Your first experience with it is “Wow!” and it just grows from there. It evokes a thousand emotions – a sense of being welcomed and embraced, sharing the experience of being together.

Please join me in this lifelong journey to rediscover the piazza and reinvent it for the modern world. The Arcetri Piazza, a human-centric, sweet lifestyle of wellness and evolution wrapped in beauty, emotion, love and kindness reborn in your heart and soon to be in your world.

The Arcetri Italian Lifestyle Piazza is a new asset class for the 21st century, and it is coming soon to America!

Barry Scherr
West Palm Beach, Florida
Florence (Arcetri), Italy