“Be together, eat together, transcend together.”

The Upanishads

Loneliness & Isolation in Modern Life

In contrast to 150,000 years of human history, it’s only in the past 40 years that we have chosen to live apart, in smaller and smaller family groups. Indeed, in the more developed “first world” countries, the lifestyle of living alone has become commonplace.

Many people have become uncomfortable with everyday human interaction. A psychology of separation and even selfishness has taken hold of our modern world. With the advent of near-instantaneous world-wide communication, and inexpensive air travel, it is easier now than ever before for people to be friends with distant acquaintances while simultaneously not knowing their next-door neighbor.  Current lifestyle illnesses such as loneliness and depression are compromising the health and happiness of humanity. The main reason for this situation is that the modern lifestyle has made people stressed and exhausted, with no excess energy to share with others. 

The Sharing Impulse

The Sharing Impulse is fundamental to humanity. Time and again we see this demonstrated in various disasters around the world, where people come together to help one another.

The Arcetri Piazza concept springs from the understanding that being together and sharing one’s life with others is a fundamental need that is necessary for not just a functional society, but also for individual happiness and progress.

The design of the Arcteri Piazza developments is entirely based on ancient understandings of the science of creating vital public spaces that support creativity, enjoyment, community, and commerce.

The Arcetri Piazza generates that essential field of love and connection.