“We are lost in the wilderness of things, yearning for the ocean of friendship and love.”

A New Asset Class

The Arcetri Lifestyle Piazza: it’s a whole different way for the real estate world to look at human experience.

The Arcetri Lifestyle Piazza represents a new asset class with a new mission: to provide everything people need to be happy, healthy and evolve. By addressing fundamental human connections and the multi-dimensional nature of life, the Arcetri Piazza becomes the central structural element of everyday living.

This is the idea of the Arcetri Lifestyle Piazza – Real Estate that provides a special atmosphere which bridges the gap between commercial viability and the highest levels of convenience, beauty and wellness.

There are many different potential key anchors: Hotel and Resort, Supermarket, Digital Nomad Work/Live Spaces, Corporate Village, Short-Term Vacation Rental Village,  Wellness/Fitness Center, and Electric Car Dealership/Charging Station.

Transactional vs. Personal

Throughout time, human connection on a daily basis has created and maintained society.

Now, in this unique moment in human history, transactional reality has become the predominate mindset. Almost everything we do is considered a transaction that we pay for. With the rising tide of internet-based business, most commercial interactions have become an impersonal and transactional process. Real estate has become standardized to the point where the existing built environment doesn’t satisfy present–day expectations.

Throughout history, the piazza has been the structure in which shared experience was cultivated. This is what community is based on – shared experience.  The Arcetri Lifestyle Piazza is the updated, revised version of the traditional piazza.  It is the antidote for today’s electronic reality.

The Arcetri Lifestyle Piazza is the ultimate time-management concept. By minimizing errand time, by interacting with friends in the process of one’s daily life, by having healthy food, exercise, meditation, yoga, entertainment, special events, electric car-charging – all at one’s fingertips, this lifestyle becomes the ultimate, individualized reality.

The Arcetri Lifestyle Piazza is meant to create a harmonious, beautiful atmosphere that fulfills the promise of a world with a balanced way of living.

“I spent my whole life looking for that one really magical place…”

“As I traveled throughout the world, I could only find pieces of that magic here and there, so
I decided to build that magical space to prove the proverb ‘The whole is more than the sum of
its parts.’ And this project will fly because it’s what people really want, not what we have been
giving them.”

Barry B. Scherr is the creator of the Arcetri Piazza concept. He is President and Founder of Arcetri, LLC. He is also President and Founder of the Sundar Corporation, a national commercial real estate sale-leaseback company that specialized in the roll-out of big-box retail in the United States. 

Barry Scherr is in the process of developing the first Arcetri Piazza in the United States, which will revolutionize the idea of what a town center can be. He is assembling an international team of leading professionals to tackle the task of curating the architectural design, construction, tenant mix, and management.

There will be rollout of a network of 50 Arcetri Piazzas across the United States that will share the design and management philosophy.

The Arcetri Piazza design will feature 4 prototypes to accommodate variations in land availability, local climate, culture and tenancy.

Mr. Scherr splits his time between the United States and Italy. He is a hobby producer of olive oil and organic vegetables.

Barry B. Scherr