Today there is an urgent need to reimagine, reconfigure and rebuild our commercial spaces.

When a tsunami comes, first there’s silence, then there is nowhere to hide. Today, an overwhelming wave of change is causing massive obsolescence of many existing properties.

The quality of everyday human experience is becoming a vital aspect of the real estate conversation. The Arcetri Piazza represents a new asset class which can be built in eight different configurations. This new asset class is a revolutionary, development concept. The Arcetri Piazza is the gold standard that can bring the real estate world in alignment with what people want.

Gradually, people are waking up to a world of new possibilities.

Many cities around the world are beginning to implement walking and biking zones as we transition from a car-based society to a walking, biking, public transport, Zoom-connected culture. As a part of this tidal wave of change, the pandemic is having a major impact on all areas of the economy, including real estate.

What are leading examples that show which direction this transformation is taking? Via Tornabuoni in Florence, Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem, La Rambla in Barcelona, Orchard Road in Singapore, Calle La Florida in Buenos Aires, River Walk in San Antonio, and The Grove & Third Street Promenade in Los Angeles – these outdoor walking streets destinations provide a clue to the future. These special biking and pedestrian areas have become the busiest destinations for locals and tourists around the world.

We are part of the unity of life, whether or not we are consciously aware of it.

Each of us needs to be nourished on all levels including sensory, feelings, and being part of something bigger than ourselves. We need to be able to celebrate and be rested, happy, healthy and blissful. Through human interaction, that reality becomes a field of wholeness which is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Arcetri Piazza focuses on enhancing beneficial human interaction, ease of daily life, and establishing the cultural heart of a community. The Arcetri Piazza is the first modern design that addresses all levels of human life simultaneously.

The Arcteri Piazza is designed to increase human happiness.